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On the How Great Buildings Work Podcast we interview industry experts about all things buildings.  We discuss innovations in both residential and commercial applications.   From fasteners to roofing, mechanical equipment to finishes -  every element has a role to play in making up a truly great building.  We want to help you understand HOW each piece works,  WHAT features are useful, and WHY using certain practices & products can add value to your project.

Meet John

Being a proud owner of a successful engineering company is great and I enjoy building and leading my team. My entrepreneurial roots keep me always looking for a new challenge that will create value for others. Through consulting I’m able to work on unique projects, with new clients, that keep my creative juices flowing as we solve their specific challenges.  I’ve learned a lot over the years and want to share my insights and knowledge with the industry.

I am fortunate to live in the mountains of Montana.  My life and hobbies away from consulting consists of spending time with my amazing family, traveling, mountain biking, triathlons, and skiing.  I was born and raised in Montana and am proud to call the Big Sky State home.

“Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.”

- Dan Sullivan


John Melvin


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